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5 Day Intensive Practical Training for Energy Healers and Therapists | UK

December 4, 2018 @ 4:30 pm - December 9, 2018 @ 5:00 pm

| £750
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Vernon Frost is offering his third, 5 day certified intensive training in the practical instruction of transformative energy healing techniques.

Vernon is offering to train a limited number of students to develop their energy healing abilities and innate inner powers. His intention is self-empowerment and mastery of healing processes so that the people attending this training can make a difference in themselves and their worlds. Vernon will offer a balance of very specific practical instruction and training in energy healing techniques, such as he uses in his own work, as well as working to develop each student’s personal esoteric and intuitive development.

This course will empower you to facilitate intuitive and healing processes, and use this energy training to support your life, your creativity and your place in a world you wish to live in.

No matter what your level of experience, if your heart is calling you to do this, then Vernon invites you to join him in this quest to find the healer deep within you. It is open to anyone who wishes to learn healing modalities to help shift humanity, and in this process also heal themselves, not only professional therapists.

At the end of this training course, successful students will receive a Participation Certificate in these Energy Healing Techniques.

This training is open to anyone who would like to learn healing modalities to help themselves and humanity, you do not need to be a professional healer/therapist.

It does however help if you have worked with Vernon before. You are then more in-tune to his energy and way of teaching, and so get more benefit from the Therapist/Energy training. To help you with this we are offering a very special reduction for the weekend workshop in York on 1 December prior to the 5 day Energy Training. For students also attending the Therapist/Energy training at Tofte Vernon is offering the York workshop at a cost of £50.
Also before the Therapist/Energy training begins Vernon will send you a specially recorded preparation meditation for this group which he would like you to do daily before it begins, so please don’t leave your booking to the last minute.
To better help you understand the benefits of this training we have included some information below from past students who have attended this specific training.

DATES: Tuesday 4 Dec to Sunday 9 Dec 2018

VENUE: Tofte Manor, Souldrop Rd, Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire,
England MK44 1HH

TIMES: Arrive and register from 2pm on Tuesday 4 December

Training begins on time at 4.30pm on Tuesday 4 December
Please do not be late. No admitance allowed after 4.30pm.
Depart Tofte by 5pm on Sunday 9 December


TUITION FEE: £ 750 Students new to this specific training course.
£ 700 Repeat students attending for a 2nd or 3rd time.

Deposit: £400
Your deposit forms part of the Tuition Fee and secures your place.
Booking is on a first come basis and there are a limited number of places on offer for this training



ON SITE Accommodation, including all meals, refreshments at breaks, conferencing and use of facilities.
SINGLE, en-suite £795
SINGLE, shared bathroom £720
TWIN SHARING, en-suite £670
TWIN SHARING, shared bathroom £620
CAMPING £370 Includes shower, kitchen area and somewhere warm and dry to store cloths, an electric hook up if in a camper van. Includes all meals.

OFF SITE Accommodation
There is the option to arrange your own accommodation offsite. The village of Sharnbrook is a 6 minute walk from Tofte Manor, and 1 minute by car. There is plenty of accommodation in the village should you wish to stay Offsite. HOWEVER, please note that Vernon will not tolerate anyone being late for any of his sessions, whatsoever.

To ensure that your energy is not disturbed by leaving the premises during the day for meals you will be required to have lunch and dinner with the group, this includes refreshments at breaks, and there is also an additional conferencing charge from Tofte for use of their facilities.
OFFSITE cost for 5 days, conferencing and all meals excluding breakfast £238
OFFSITE cost for 5 days, conferencing and all meals including breakfast £250
We also have a list of local BnBs which we can send you at the time of booking
All meals are vegetarian, locally sourced, organic and delicious to provide nourishing fuel to support the work you’ll be doing with Vernon
A £400 deposit secures your place (please note deposits are non-refundable). The remaining balance needs to be paid by 20 November unless by prior arrangement. Please contact us for UK bank details.
Please email Diane Williams on: info@vernonfrost.co.za and reserve your place in the workshop. Please remember to specify EXACTLY what accommodation you are booking. While we will do our best to meet your accommodation request, Onsite accommodation is limited and is on a first come basis. Diane will then email you bank details and your deposit will secure your place on the training and accommodation type. Kindly remember booking is on a first come basis so pay your deposit sooner than later if you are wanting a place.
We are able to issue you with a PayPal invoice which can be settled using your Credit Card prior to the Training, but note that Paypal add a 4% commission to the final total.



Breakfast: 7.45am – 8.45am

Training starts at 9.30am

Lunch: 1pm – 2pm

Training starts at 2.15pm

Dinner: 7pm – 8pm

Training continues from 8.15pm until late


Tofte Manor is the perfect, most magical venue to support work of this nature, providing an environment that is energetically charged and incredibly peaceful. Sitting on a major ley line, this beautiful, harmonious house and grounds provides the ideal environment for contemplation, healing and personal development. The grounds include a beautiful labyrinth and many quiet sanctuaries. There is no place better suited to this course.

Tofte Manor is in the village of Sharnbrook in Bedfordshire.
Just 8 miles from Bedford, 24 miles from Milton Keynes, 60 miles from London,
71 miles to Birmingham, 34 miles from Luton Airport.
Nearest railway station is Bedford, 15 minutes from Tofte Manor.
For help with directions and costs for transport or off-site accommodation, click: www.rome2rio.com

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“Little did I know what I was letting myself in for signing up for this Therapists’ Training! It has completely changed my life! I absolutely love the way Vernon teaches. He expects everyone to respect each other’s time and presence and expects everyone to be on time every time, which I so absolutely adore and love! It is so refreshing and amazing that during the entire week no electronics and alcohol are allowed. I was like, “yesss”, it makes the total experience just fantastic.There is no messing about. If you are going to mess about then don’t sign up. I am so grateful for the fact that Vernon creates a safe and confidential space, so you are able to fully let go and immerse into the training to gain as much from it as possible. And it is only till I found Vernon that I have felt safe enough to do so. And he makes sure that everybody adheres to that and that makes you feel totally supported, loved and safe. This training has enabled me to move forward and grow at a rapid pace, which I only got with Vernon. He teaches you the real stuff, he takes you where you need to go and at times don’t want to go. It has given me the tools, the techniques and the confidence to speak my truth and not go along with consensus reality. This works beautifully. I have already done it several times and when it happened, it was in a very natural way. It has taken people by great surprise! Vernon teaches amazing techniques, how not to take anybody’s shit on board and at the same time how to release any of that shit we have taken on board, whether this is family, friends or colleagues, whether recent or historic. The release techniques are so amazingly powerful. Once done, you are never the same person. I feel stronger, lighter, more powerful with a feeling of “don’t mess with me”. There are not enough words to describe this training. Go and experience it! You will never be the same again!”
– Cathlyn

“Hello Vernon! I just wanted to say the Energy Training works really amazingly . I have improved my sessions, in many ways, a lot after the training. Way beyond my expectations …… Thank you , thank you.”
– Rachel

“Words are so inadequate in describing the joy, the open hearted pleasure towards everything and everyone that I feel right now. Vernon’s elegant, subtle, (sometimes not so subtle), yet extremely powerful ability to help me clear away all of the debilitating, restricting and disempowering habitual belief systems running through me is just incredibly wonderful. He has enabled me to function so much more effectively, more confidently and more powerfully in my own therapy work. This applies not only in healing myself but equally importantly, others as well. I can only recommend to all therapists, in every modality of work, to allow themselves to grow even more than they may think possible. It doesn’t matter how much experience they may already have, or not, real expansion will truly come from working with Vernon in the most harmonious and beautiful ways. Setting aside what we think we know and opening the door to more healing, more truth, indeed more unconditional love can only be the best for everyone. To work with Vernon is a definite chance to learn from a real, authentic teacher who talks the talk, and even more importantly, walks the walk… My deepest and most sincerest thanks to Vernon for turning my world upside down. It needed it! I can now look the world straight in the eye’s and take my place as a worthy being experiencing everything I can, full on. My therapy work has developed beyond words. Everyone who practices the healing arts SHOULD KNOW and understand what Vernon has to teach in these most necessary and profound levels of knowledge.” – Stephen

“So I’m driving home from the therapist training workshop at Tofte manor and I’m not the same person I was six days ago and I know I’ll never be that person again, I’ve been uplifted , upgraded, I’m more of who I’ve always been and it’s all thanks to the amazing experience that I’ve just had. I’m writing to say thank you Vernon, you yourself , the space that you held , the feeling , no, the knowing, that spirit was in there with us was tangible at times, the atmosphere was of the absolute stillness and at others crackled with divine spark. I can only describe it as pure joy, we could all feel that you had gone the extra mile for each and everyone of us. The venue itself with its connections I believe to knights Templar , that it had its own unique labyrinth and the beauty and layout of the grounds were just a bonus. Because the main event was you. I personally received healing that even after all these years revealed levels and layers that were stripped away and released forever and the guided meditations where gifts were bestowed upon all of us and the prompting given to us all to find our own latent gifts inside of us, the laughter, the tears, I could go on and on… But I am writing this to thank you and hope that in doing so it gives you some idea of what you have given and still give to others.”
– Stephen H.

“Last October I attended Vernon’s energy training workshop at Tofte which was open to anyone but especially healers. I never considered myself a healer and was not even sure why I was attending except that I wanted to. By the end of the week my life had changed forever, I realized that I could help others and decided then that my life path was going to change. So one year later I have started a new business life path where I will assist with spiritual and physical well-being for animals and humans. I would recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to change their lives but you need to be brave.”
– Hugh

“l thoroughly enjoyed the workshop as it reinforced for me how l can use Vernon’s methods for helping myself and others. The skills l have learnt are simple , effective and priceless.”
– Ann

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December 4, 2018 @ 4:30 pm
December 9, 2018 @ 5:00 pm
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