Last year I was lucky enough to go on a workshop run by a man called Vernon Frost if you have never heard of him he’s a Transformational Catalyst from South Africa. I’ve just found out he’s back in the UK in April. I can only tell you about my own experience of what happened but I’ve heard many people say he’s amazing.
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Vernon is a true and unique teacher and has assisted significant changes to take place in my life. Working with Vernon over time, I have been able to transform patterns and beliefs I felt were impossible to change.

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Today I am happy in nearly all aspects of my life and Vernon’s multi-dimensional spaces were my strongest life changing experiences. Thank you for this power in the different steps of my life.

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I have been doing Vernon’s classes every few years for at least 12 years. You shift and you learn.

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Message from Josie to say when they X-rayed her leg, the surgeon said it did not need an operation or pins. How cool is that? Such healing!


I have never felt such peace and calm in my entire life than I had over the two days spent in Vernon’s company. Before the workshop I was feeling slightly stagnant spiritually and now I feel as though something more has opened up within – it is such an amazing feeling. I feel much more confident, strong and free  –  I am able to stand much more firmly in my truth.

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The group of people that attended on the day were amazing and each story inspiring in some way. Vernon has such a special gift and I’m grateful that he was able to share it with us all.

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I feel like I have made a major leap – probably one of the biggest I have ever made! I will definitely use the meditation Vernon sent to keep my energy up, thank you for that.


Just wanted to thank you all for an amazing workshop. I really enjoyed the whole experience and had wonderful shifts. This was also amplified with having a one on one session. First time in years that I have had a sense of peace rising from within me.


Thank you so much for your healing. My son woke up and his memory was back. Thanks a million for all your help.


I’ve just completed the “Quiet the mind” meditation again for the third time. I have to say that it is absolutely brilliant! I have been relaxed, refreshed, energized and clean off the planet! I love it.


I just wanted to thank you for the most amazingly transformative weekend. I can highly recommend anyone who feels a bit stuck with where they find themselves in their life going on one of Vernon’s workshops. It will literally change your life for the better. Thank you for all you have done to help me move into greater freedom since I first met you 10 years ago. You have helped me integrate my understanding of energy work and healing in a way no one else has. With much love and thanks x


This meditation was just beautiful. Thank you. I felt as though I was in one of your workshops.


And what is amazing, my connection with my Mike, my son has changed so much.


Vernon, it was an amazing 5 days. Besides what we have been through, watching you ride your journey, how elegantly you are doing everything, your love towards everyone of us, your joy, is a great priviledge. Not only as a teacher, but as a human being, as a man, you are such an inspiration. You are yourself the magic. Thank you.


It was really an honour to be at your Workshop. It was an amazing experience for me personally. Vernon really has a special gift.


There was a lot of fear in me and Vernon knows exactly where to hunt for it and clear it. He helps you do it yourself which is very empowering.


After years of consulting medical doctors and hours spent reading piles of self-help books, after just TWO of Vernon’s workshops I am finally free to move forward in my life and find the health and happiness I deserve. My deepest thanks, Vernon.


One of the most impressive healers I have met. We are ever so lucky to have Vernon come in our lives and please convey my heartfelt gratitude to him.


Over the years I’ve heard many people talking about Vernon Frost, but I couldn’t really understand how he works until I experienced for myself the superb gift of healing (and humour) that he has.  I feel much happier, free of my past and MUCH less worried what others think of me. I am a woman who is coming into her own. All with Vernon’s facilitation. Thank you Vernon. Really.


I’d read about the connection between the physical and the emotional in Eckhart Tolle’s ‘A New Earth’, but I didn’t really get it until I had this session with Vernon. Please pass on a BIG thank you to him.


Vernon, you are teaching me more and more each time how to love again with all my heart. Thank you. This has changed my life completely…… it was the HARDEST thing for me but the result is so much, so much, so much worth it. Words cannot explain what I feel. Vernon is an amazing guide, and I am grateful to him. This has been a complete liberation for me.


There was an intense clarity of how to approach, that was refreshing, surprising, and yielded the best results.


I cannot thank Vernon enough for bringing together this group of people. I had never in any other workshop that I’ve been in felt such a deep connection to each person. It might sound a cliche but words cannot express how much I miss each and every one.


Afterwards, I could actually see clearer and was full of energy.


I experienced a very powerful release and at some deep level some healing took place. There are no words to express my gratitude towards Vernon.


Vernon is truly a remarkable mentor. I shall keep returning to his workshops. To be honest, i dont know how i even get there, or how the money arrives, but it does. And i enjoy him to bits!


When we left dinner last night, Katie said to me,” Mama I feel so sad, I feel like I left my family behind”.

Thank you so much for allowing her to come and enjoy this experience. It was absolutely amazing to be there and I feel blessed that Universe brought you guys to us.

Thank you so much for a new lease on life.

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