Vernon is a world renowned teacher and healer in the field of esoterics and metaphysics. He is a facilitator of attitudinal healing, and a powerful clairvoyant with a unique psychic gift that allows him to follow your thought patterns and identify your limiting beliefs, see what event in your life caused it, and then discharge the negative energy of the trapped subconscious belief.

He is unorthodox, relevant and humorous. He’s a breath of fresh air! Vernon works from the heart and has a passion for nurturing growth, freedom and empowerment in people and he is a masterful storyteller and metaphysician. His talks and workshops are highly interactive, with many demonstrations, and deliver powerful life-changing insights.

Over the past 35 years he has run workshops worldwide on esoteric principles, self-healing, past-lives, channelling, hypnosis, healing and personal transformation which has changed the lives of thousands of people. His teachings combine entertaining real life stories with wonderful transformational wisdom, and the insights and experience that he shares create profound and lasting change in the lives of those that hear him.

Vernon travels extensively throughout the world teaching in Europe, Turkey, United Kingdom, Australia, Mauritius and South Africa.

Vernon encourages you to rediscover your true personal power and innocence, by releasing the pain and limitation of old stories and outdated assumptions. He creates a space in which you will be able to examine and let go of your false personalities and get to the heart of your true being. He will assist you to expand your exploration of life and its mysteries and how to live the life you deeply desire.

Using a variety of teachings and techniques you will be guided through your own individual experience, gaining a more profound understanding of your own body and spirit and your soul’s journey, realigning your body and your awareness to its natural state of well being;

  • Clarify your life purpose, goals and objectives;
  • Learn effective relaxation techniques;
  • Experience powerful guided meditations;
  • Increase self worth, love and appreciation;
  • Free yourself from fear of vulnerability and self-expression;
  • Let go of anger, fear or depression;
  • Reach new levels of inspiration, creativity and performance;
  • Resolve inter-personal conflicts and relationship issues;
  • Learn powerful techniques to release emotional patterns that limit your personal and spiritual progress;
  • Develop your intuition and psychic ability;
  • Study esoteric and metaphysical principles Experience your connection to spirit

Vernon was born in Cape Town, South Africa, and schooled at Rondebosch Boys. The first hint of Vernon’s journey to becoming an internationally recognised transformational coach came in his last year at high school when he witnessed a hypnotherapy demonstration.

Vernon picks up the story: ‘I was amazed at what I saw and pursued hypnosis as a result, later studying to become a clinical hypno-therapist.’ Vernon initially went a more conventional route, becoming an electrical engineer, and in his early twenties was involved in building the second weather station for South Africa in Antarctica. The turning point came in his 30s when he had a strong urge to break away from a conventional working career and go back into hypnotherapy and the study of esoteric principles. Vernon has been privileged to have had access to a host of international teachers who have helped him develop and hone his own unique gift.

‘The more I learned about esoteric principles, the more my psychic ability opened up. For example, a person would come to me to help them release their fear of starting their own business , and I found that simply by looking at them I could see exactly where the pivotal moment was in their lives where this fear originated. I could then help them to access those memories and thereby release the cause of their fear.’ ‘My unique gift is that I have an ability to see peoples’ belief systems and because I can see that, it is easier for me to formulate a workshop or a process where I can work with that thought pattern. For example, a group might share a fear of money. I can then guide them through a process that will release the emotional charge behind the belief system that’s stopping them from making more money. I use a lot of relaxation in the processes because I realise that the more relaxed one is, the easier it is for them to see their own belief system or to accept that something is holding them back, and to release it.

What is your passion? What makes you get up every morning and do this? 
‘The privilege of helping people understand something. To watch them comprehend it right into the cells of their body. For me, to watch how people change and shift is an honour.’

Vernon bases himself in Cape Town, South Africa. Vernon also holds two diplomas and an honorary degree in Esoteric Sciences and Healing from the World Development of Human Resources in Australia and certification in clinical hypno-therapy from the American Council of Hypnotists.

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