Abundance & Gratitude [article]

Have you ever noticed how the nature of nature is abundant? If you plant one seed it will not grow to produce only one seed in return. Instead, it will grow and produce more than enough seeds! This is the nature of abundance and this is the nature of nature.

We are not separate from nature. We are innately part of nature and this means that we too are abundant. The only thing that prevents us from experiencing this abundance is our belief in lack. You see, that is how powerful we are: we can believe in something and it will be so. Our free will is our greatest ally and at times, our greatest obstacle. It is in overcoming these self-imposed obstacles that we are able to realize our true potential.

Once we begin to shift our beliefs into alignment with the natural order of the universe we can begin to experience life in a very different way; and when it comes to experiencing the depths of abundance in our own lives, the best way to get there is through gratitude and appreciation.

It is not a mistake that the word appreciation is used in the language of money to describe growth. Appreciation, and its cousin Gratitude, increase our ability to experience abundance on many levels – not just financially. In fact, when we embody the energies of appreciation and allow ourselves to feel grateful for every little thing in our lives, our finances will begin to automatically appreciate in value.

There is a catch though: we have to feel entirely grateful and overcome with appreciation without a hidden agenda! In other words, we cannot feel grateful or stand in appreciation while still holding onto our sense of lack. That just means we are sending out mixed signals into the universe. We truly have to appreciate what we have and let go of our attachments to “not enough” in order to harness the full power of abundance.

If you feel called to experience this for yourself, I invite you to work with my guided meditation, Abundance & Gratitude. This meditation has been created to guide you towards a deep sense of gratitude and will open you up to receiving true abundance – starting right here, right now.

Guided Meditation | Abundance & Gratitude 

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