Energy Shifts in a Moment [article and free meditation download]

Energy Shifts in a Moment …because, in essence, everything is energy.

The deeper we study the meta(before)-physics between the art of atoms and the dance of particles and waves, the more we realise that everything is in motion and time behaves simultaneously.
The further we look outward into the cosmos, the more we see the physical past…. And the more we realise (real-eyes?) that our personal vantage point in the cosmos has everything to do with what we perceive to be the truth.
During my workshops and retreats, I remind my students that while they come to me for healing, at the same time, nothing is broken!
I assist people to shift from a limiting dimension of thinking and being into alignment with their true essence in the ever present moment: which is well-being. I help people to let go of limiting belief patterns that no longer serve them. I offer them the opportunity to step away from negative conditioning and experience life from a more radiant, loving place within themselves. Because that is who we truly are.
Just a quick note to send you my profound thanks from my heart for my online session two weeks ago. I felt like a new person the very next day. I am still sometimes tired, but the heaviness and non-physical pain, which was overhanging me constantly is lifted. I wanted to wait whether this was just a momentary boost in energy and excitement, but it is still here! I went to a 5 day convention and I don’t think I could have coped without your help the day before. I cannot describe how I felt before and how I feel now, just that it is completely different and I can’t remember the last time I felt like this. In addition, I am filled with a deep joy for life. I thought I was quite a cheery person before, but now this joy comes from deeper inside and seems to flow out of me. I thank you so much! – Gina
Meditation on this: If you feel like you need help opening your heart and mind to the limitless possibilities for growth, well-being and personal transformation, I would like to invite you to download my free POSSIBILITIES guided meditation and use it as often as you feel called to: 

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