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Parenting Your Inner Child | 2hr Online Workshop | isteğe bağlı Türkçe

June 20, 2020 @ 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm



Return to a time in your childhood, where something occurred that was difficult, and still limits you in some way.  Allow your adult self to remember and witness this event in a safe and unemotional manner, and allow the wisdom and skills you require to bring healing to your younger self through understanding and love, integrating this into your life.

Our childhood is where the subconscious mind is formed.

It’s also where we learn how we process emotions, what relationships look like, how to hold boundaries, and countless other habits and behaviours.

It’s important to understand that parents can only parent from their own level of awareness. We can only give others what we have practiced giving ourselves.

We tend to be protective and defensive around our childhood experience, but the truth is we have a unique opportunity to heal and consciously choose different behaviour as adults. Regardless of what we have experienced in our past.

This process is called reparenting.


What is ‘inner child work’?

We were all at one time children. And the child you once were did not just up and vanish, to be replaced by a perfectly formed, always responsible adult.

Indeed, most of us act very much like children at least now and then. It’s in the moment you have a temper tantrum over a parking ticket, or fall into a panicky sense of abandonment when you learn your partner is going off for a three-week business trip.

This part of your unconscious that represents the child you once were, and manifests as a sort of other personality in social interactions, is often referred to as the inner child.

The benefits of ‘parenting’ your inner child are impressive. They include:

  • accessing repressed memories that are holding you back.
  • being able to feel again after years of being numb.
  • gaining personal power and the ability to set boundaries.
  • learning how to take better care of yourself.
  • feeling self-compassion and liking yourself more.
  • being able to enjoy life and have fun again.
  • gaining self-confidence.

From beginners to advanced, everyone is most welcome.

Change is Inevitable. Growth is Intentional. 

This workshop is part of a series of six workshops running until the 1 July

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This workshop will have optional simultaneous Turkish translation and will be recorded.


Saturday, 20 June



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June 20, 2020
7:30 pm - 9:30 pm


Di Williams