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2hr Online Workshop Series | 19 June – 6 July

June 19 @ 7:30 pm - July 6 @ 9:30 pm

R570 – R2500

Heal your Body, Mind and Soul and create the Future you deserve

Once again a series of carefully curated 2hr online workshops designed by Vernon in a specific order that allows you to gather the most benefit for yourself over all six concepts. 

Don’t miss the first workshop, “Healing the Inner Child” where Vernon will help you connect with and heal your childhood experiences that prevent you from embracing your life fully. This workshop sets the tone for the rest of the series where you will also heal the body, enter your heart, connect with your higher self, discover the power of your creative mind and ultimately, “Call in the Future” that you deserve and desire.

From beginners to advanced, everyone is most welcome.

If you are in a different time zone, or if you cant make all 6 live workshops, don’t worry as each workshop is recorded and Replays are sent to participants the following day. This also means you can join at any time and receive replays of those workshops you have missed.  Optional Turkish translation is offered on every workshop.  For those of you that cannot attend all six workshops, don’t worry because each one is also a strong stand-alone workshop. 


Sunday, 19 June


Our childhood is where the subconscious mind is formed. It is also where we learn how we process emotions, what relationships look like, how to hold boundaries, and countless other habits and behaviours. Vernon will guide you in how to heal/grieve our childhood wounding, and let go.

We were all at one time children. And the child you once were did not just up and vanish, to be replaced by a perfectly formed adult. Indeed, most of us act very much like children now and then. It’s in the moment you have a temper tantrum over a parking ticket, or fall into a panicky sense of abandonment when you learn your partner is going off for a three-week business trip. This part of your unconscious that represents the child you once were, and manifests as a sort of other personality in social interactions, is often referred to as the inner child. The benefits of ‘healing’ your inner child are impressive.

They include:
– accessing repressed memories that are holding you back.
– being able to feel again after years of being numb.
– gaining personal power and the ability to set boundaries.
– learning how to take better care of yourself.
– feeling self-compassion and liking yourself more.
– being able to enjoy life and have fun again.
– gaining self-confidence.

During this 2hr workshop, Vernon will lead you into an altered state of awareness, where you will experience your own inner child and heal the wounds of the past, shift your beliefs to ones that serve you better and grant your inner child the freedom it needs to remind you to be curious, playful, light hearted and immersed in wonderment at the beauty of the world you live in.

“The workshop allowed me to see where I could make changes and shift patterns that no longer served me. It was interesting that so many of us shared overlapping experiences and that we could all shift with each other’s help and focus.”


Wednesday,  22 June


The body is a mirror of our deeply held beliefs and thought patterns. When we release our attachments to the beliefs and thought patterns that do not serve our greatest wellbeing, we create a space that allows change and healing to occur.


Why can it feel challenging to heal the body?  The animal side of us holds the memory of trauma in the cells of our body in the event that same trauma occurs and the body needs that past experience to know what to do.  This healing starts with tuning in to the subtle feelings and tensions of the body. Trusting that you are safe to let go of those locked cellular memories. It starts with identifying and letting go of the subtle and often unconscious emotions that drive our choices and our actions. This kind of healing work takes place on a much higher level of consciousness than the thinking mind occupies.

During this 2hr online workshop, Vernon will help you enter higher states of consciousness so you can access the deeply seated emotional and energetic patterns that are ingrained into your psyche and into your cells. He will guide you into a deeply relaxed state of awareness where you will be able to really feel your body’s responses to these emotions and energetic patterns and help you identify the places within your body that need healing. Vernon will also guide you through letting go of the negative energies stored in your body and help you release the tension and stress that negatively impact your choices and actions. You will learn to communicate with your body in a whole new way and learn to recognize the subtle messages that your body is sending you.

By becoming more in tune with your body, you become an active part of your own healing and this in itself is very empowering.


“I have been very pleased as my knee bursitis has improved since Vernon showed us how to heal ourselves through our higher self and can’t thank him enough!!”

“Thank you so much for your healing. My son woke up and his memory was back. Thanks a million for all your help.”

“When I was diagnosed with breast cancer this summer. Vernon’s healing and advices has helped a lot. I’m very thankful to him. Thanks to him I can handle the fear better, have more fun in my life and compassion to myself and others.”


Sunday,  26 June


Healing your heart allows you to experience life with grace, inner peace and serenity. This is your natural state of being.


We live in a hurried culture—doing more, moving faster, working harder, always on our way to somewhere else. This overload masks our ability to connect,  how can we begin to shift our focus to hear the revelations and guidance that come from inside—the language of the heart? Many mystics, philosophers, and ancient medicine disciplines view the heart as “the seat of the soul,” – a source of great intuition and wisdom. The yogic tradition refers to the spiritual heart as pure consciousness, a great inner guide that reveals ultimate truth.

Awakening to the heart’s intelligence is an unfolding, a remembering, and a process of discovery. Through practice, it becomes a series of shifts that rewire the entire mind-body operating system, with the potential for awakening, freedom, and liberation from suffering and from our limiting thoughts, stories, and beliefs.

Research shows that the heart has more than 40,000 neurons that can sense, feel, learn, and remember, and that it is constantly in communication with the brain. When we intentionally savour positive emotions, such as caring, compassion, and appreciation, the heart becomes more coherent. According to the HearthMath Institute, heart intelligence is “the flow of awareness, understanding, and intuition we experience when the mind and emotions are brought into coherent alignment with the heart.” This information is then sent to the entire body—neurologically, biochemically, biophysically, and energetically—which profoundly affects how we perceive, think, feel, and perform. All sorts of benefits arise, including increased vitality, decreased stress, a deepening of relationships, and greater mental clarity and intuitive ability, including better decision-making.

Real courage is the courage of the heart… It’s the courage to investigate, to look, to see what’s true inside ourselves, to come to rest in our being, in a centre that is unshakable.

You lose touch with your heart when your past trauma and coping mechanisms prevent you from feeling safe, valuable and worthy. When you heal your heart you open yourself up to tenderness, forgiveness, hope and pure love, shifting from the logical thinking of the mind to the intuitive wisdom of the heart.

During this 2hr online workshop, Vernon will guide you into your heart where you can heal past pain and trauma, and occupy your heart space so you can start to hear the voice of wisdom from your heart.


“I just wanted to say that I am really grateful for this series.  It helped me a lot to shift my energy and heal. Many thanks for being my guide in this journey.”


Wednesday,  29 June


Your higher self is an an eternal, omnipotent, conscious, intelligent being, an ever present source of innate wisdom, always with you. Your real self separate from your personality. Your highest self has nothing to do with your ego, but can often communicate with you through the use of personal symbols.

Reconnecting to our highest self is one of the greatest journeys we can embark on, especially during uncertain and uncomfortable times. When you connect with your higher self and learn how to communicate with this deep source of wisdom, you will be able to see things from a more enlightened, unemotional perspective and make decisions and choices that are in alignment with your highest good. 

When you are connected with your higher self you feel more confident and clear. You are more in-tune with your intuition and your foresight. You realise you are never alone. You become empowered. There is no separation between you and your highest self. You are one and the same, always connected. Recognizing this has benefits.

During this 2hr online workshop, Vernon will lead you on a profound meditation where you will connect and communicate with your higher self. Discover what messages it has for you?

“This workshop really, really strengthened my trust in my inner guidance. This was one of the most important, empowering and beautiful lesson I ever had in my work with you (and there were many other important ones too). So thank you so, so much.”

“I am happier and more confident in all aspects of my life. I love who I am because of Vernon’s workshops and meditations. Highly recommended!”


Sunday, 3 July


Your mind is one of your greatest ally’s – if you know how to use it creatively. Being able to live with a creatively open mind will help you easily access solutions to problems, be more flexible in times of challenge and flow more easily in life.

By learning to access the Creative Mind you will be able to harness the full potential of your manifesting abilities. The mind is so much more than a thinking machine. When you tap into your imagination and reach beyond mundane logic you give vitality to your goals, dreams and visions for the life you want.

Imagination and intrinsic joy are intimately connected, creating a synergy that naturally leads to greater inspiration, effort, and creative growth. Passion is often the emotional fuel that starts one down a creative path, but it’s only a start.  Adverse events can force us to reexamine our beliefs and life projects, and therein lie their power and creative potential. After the experience of adversity, the mind is actively dismantling old belief systems that no longer hold up and creating new structures of meaning and identity.

During this 2hr online workshop, Vernon invites you to open yourself up to the magic and potential of your creative mind. How different would your life be if you were able to embrace creative solutions instead of being held back by fear or anxiety? How empowered would you feel if your imagination and creative thinking gave rise to more confidence and clarity?

Become an inventive, searching, daring, self-expressive being. If we learn to embrace our own messy, creative selves, we give others permission to do the same. We help create a world where it is possible to find a greater connection with ourselves and with others in the process.


“There was a lot of fear in me and Vernon knows exactly where to hunt for it and clear it. He helps you do it yourself which is very empowering”


Wednesday, 6 July


Just like reality, the past and the future are also fluid – we can literally change the past and create our future.

Are you wondering ‘What’s next?’ What you should do with your life? We often pull back from these pivotal moments, not because we don’t want to change, but simply because we just don’t have a plan. What you’re looking for is a new vision for yourself, one that will ignite your spirit, fueled by the energy within your heart, a new vision that will transform your life into a new reality.

How different would your life be if you knew that you were able to create your future?

How much more empowered would you feel if you knew that your past does not have to dictate your future?

What would your future look like?

During the 2hr workshop Vernon will lead you on a profound journey into the future. You will be invited to experience it from a place of enlightened awareness and creative consciousness. You will discover your ability to call in the things that bring you joy, wellbeing and inner peace and Vernon will help you anchor these futuristic elements into your present moment, right here, right now.


“Vernon, the only way I can describe you is as an energy magician! The online sessions are so powerful and very interesting to experience the changes in the days thereafter.“


You are welcome to sign up below for all 6 workshops at a discounted rate of 25%,  Or you can purchase tickets for singular events.  Join us for the whole series of 6 workshops at a reduced rate, or follow the links below to choose which only those concepts you would like to sign up for.  For those of you that can’t attend all six, don’t worry because each one is also a strong stand-alone workshop.

COST for series of 6 x 2hr workshops (Save 25%)

£127   |   €149   |   $159  |   TL 2600   |   ZAR R2,500


COST per 2hr workshop

£29   |   €34   |   $36   |   TL 595  |   ZAR 570
Although you will be paying using your local currency, our payment gateway automatically converts all currencies to South African Rands. Pricing may fluctuate in accordance with the exchange rate, so please always check your currency against the ZAR price to get an accurate price. The other currencies are an indication only to help you. We accept payments from Visa, MasterCard and PayPal.



6:30pm – 8:30pm: UK Time

7.30pm – 9.30pm:  South Africa Time

8.30pm – 10.30pm:  Turkey Time

Check the time in your city HERE


Each workshop is recorded and Replays are sent to participants the following day. Perfect if you are in a different time zone, or if you cant make some of the workshops,  This also means you can join at any time and receive replays of the workshops you missed.  There is optional Turkish translation on these workshops.



It is essential to use headphones.

Sign into the workshop with your Name and Surname.

Make sure your VIDEO is switched ON so that Vernon can see you and know who you are.

To see Vernon, select SPEAKER VIEW for the duration of the workshop.

Ensure that you are comfortable and won’t be disturbed during the workshop.

Please make sure any cats or dogs are out of the room.

Have water and a notebook with you.

Please let us know by email if you do NOT wish to be chosen to work with Vernon.

This is a personal registration, please do not invite anyone to join you. Of course, if they are interested in joining, they are also welcome to register.


We use a platform called Zoom to host these online events. Please download the free Zoom video conferencing app, which works on any device, here is the download link… https://zoom.us/support/download

After you purchase your ticket below you will immediately receive an email with your unique link to join the workshop.
Please add our email (info@vernonfrost.co.za) address to your Contacts so this email reaches your Inbox and doesn’t end up in your Spam.


Each workshop is recorded and past replays are sent to participants so you can join at any time and receive replays of those workshops you have missed. Replays are active for 4 weeks after the live event



Unlimited available
Full Workshop Series: 19 June - 6 JulyR2,500.00
Unlimited available
Sunday 19 June - Healing the Inner Child REPLAYR570.00
Unlimited available
Wednesday 22 June - Healing the Body REPLAYR570.00
Unlimited available
Sunday 26 June – Healing the Heart REPLAYR570.00
Unlimited available
Wednesday 29 June - Communicate with your Higher SelfR570.00
Unlimited available
Sunday 3 July - Opening to a Creative MindR570.00
Unlimited available
Wednesday 6 July - Calling in the FutureR570.00


June 19 @ 7:30 pm
July 6 @ 9:30 pm
R570 – R2500