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2hr Online Workshop Series | 30 March – 9 April

March 30, 2021 @ 7:29 pm - April 9, 2021 @ 9:30 pm

R475 – R2137

This workshop series is once again specifically designed by Vernon so that you can gather the most benefit for yourself over the course of all six concepts. Join Vernon for the first one, Connecting to your Purpose, to access your true essence and work with your subconscious more easily before progressing with the others. For those of you that can’t attend all six, don’t worry because each one is also a strong stand-alone workshop.

Vernon is offering another amazing new series of six x 2hr online workshops, each with a different topic. To give you enough time to integrate what you are learning these workshops will take place every second day, starting on Tuesday, 30 March and running until Friday, 9 April.

From beginners to advanced, everyone is most welcome.

Don’t worry if you are in a different time zone, or you cant make all 6 workshops, as each workshop is recorded and Replays are sent to participants the following day. This also means you can join at any time and receive replays of those workshops you have missed.

These events have optional Turkish translation. 

You are welcome to sign up below for all 6 workshops at a discounted rate of 25% and receive the recordings of past events, OR you can purchase tickets for singular events. 


30 March



When you are connected to your purpose, every aspect of your life is illuminated, your confidence is boosted and your self-esteem becomes rooted in your own heart and not in the unstable and often fickle external world. The universe opens to you. All sorts of things occur to help one that would otherwise never have occurred. A whole stream of events raise in one’s favour which no person would have believed would come their way. Action has magic, grace and power in it.

When you are disconnected from your purpose you may feel a sense of apathy, boredom, lack of motivation and may even question the importance of life. You will seek validation from outside of yourself, basing your sense of accomplishment and inner peace on the deeds and opinions of others. Successes feel short-lived and it becomes more and more difficult to regain a sense of fulfillment. You may also experience heightened anxiety and increasing stress, which leads to further dissatisfaction in your life. This is not your purpose!

You are so much more than the responsibilities you have. You are more than your job, more than your interests and hobbies, more than what others expect from you and more than the routine of your day to day existence. Your true purpose permeates all of these things and gives you a sense of personal satisfaction in all areas of your life – no matter what you do! Even mundane tasks such as washing the dishes can become a beautifully satisfying experience when you are connected to your true purpose!

During this 2hr workshop, Vernon will guide you into altered states of awareness where you will connect deeply to your true purpose. You will feel a direct connection to the essence of your divinity and learn how to keep this connection strong and healthy as you move forward in your life with more inner peace, confidence and joy.


1 April



One of the ways to break bad habits and addictions is to love something greater than the habit. This something is you. This is why we strongly suggest that you participate in the previous workshop, Connecting to your Purpose, so you can directly experience your self-worth and potential, beyond the mundane world where we find ourselves stuck in repetitive patterns that can harm us.

However, the most important element when breaking habits and addictions is finding the root cause and clearing away the blockages that keep you stuck. This is where Vernon’s gift of healing and clairvoyance is superb.

During this 2hr workshop, Vernon will use his innate gifts of energy healing to help you hunt down the issue that lies beneath your addiction or bad habit. Then he will assist you to discharge the hold it has over you so you can heal with new awareness and a sense of relief, no longer trapped in the cycle of repeating bad habits.

Vernon will provide a safe place for you to release attachments and dependence, heal the wounds that created the need for the habits and move forward with more confidence and freedom.


3 April




Your intuition is your inner guidance system. It is always communicating with you and giving you direction. It is constant and reliable.

The trick is learning to hear it.

Accessing intuitive information has practical applications in all aspects of our lives, from successfully maneuvering daily life-choices to improving personal relationships, and even developing useful strategies in business.

When your intuition is blocked you may feel a great sense of uncertainty. You may question yourself and your abilities to make good choices. Your self worth may suffer as you doubt yourself and your good judgement. As you connect with your intuition, you will feel more confident in your decision making, your anxiety will decrease and your sense of purpose will be heightened as you learn to trust yourself more and more.

During this 2hr workshop, Vernon will work closely with the group to quiet the mind, clear blockages and Awaken Intuition. Using powerful guided meditations and his innate gifts of energy healing, Vernon will assist you in fine-tuning your ability to access and act upon your perfect internal guidance system so that you can strengthen your intuition and self-trust.

Learning to awaken your intuition is also highly valuable when dealing with changing unhealthy patterns of behaviour that no longer serve you, so if you have done the previous workshop, Letting go of Bad Habits / Breaking Addictions, this workshop can be a valuable next step on your journey.


5 April



Masculine and feminine energy have nothing to do with gender: we all have both energies within us.

A balance between the two energies is what makes us whole and sustains healthy relationships – be it with others or ourselves.

During this 2hr workshop, Vernon will guide you into heightened states of awareness where you can access your masculine and feminine energies, create a healthy balance and connect to each with empathy and purpose.

Masculine energy is independent and analytical, representing our left brain. It is all about taking action; loves to build and loves to fix things. Masculine energy is protective. It is strong and stable and self-confident. Masculine energy is logical and decisive and loves direction and a purpose. When masculine energy is appropriately used, it is protective, practical, and visionary. When masculine energy is misused, it can end in ego, anger, resentment, and battle with inner conflict.

Feminine energy is creative and inspiring – it’s the energy that creates life! It’s nurturing and supportive, intuitive and empathic. It is fluid, stormy, emotional and passionate. Feminine energy is intelligent and loving and contains the quality of our compassion, emotion, empathy and truth. When you are strong in your feminine, you have a healthy connection to your body and intuition, and you can make decisions based on what you feel in your heart. Feminine energy is receptive, right-brained energy. Yet, if we are too much in our feminine, we can come across as weak and lose our personal power.

Masculine and Feminine energies are both equally important and necessary.  To be balanced, to get things done, and to have healthy relationships (with ourselves and others), both the masculine and the feminine energies need to be present.

The key is balance, a dance between the two and knowing where and when to use each.


7 April



Prolonged stress and anxiety, poor diet, lack of sleep, illness and many other factors can contribute to forgetfulness, confusion, brain fog, difficulty concentrating as well as other problems that disrupt daily activities.

During this 2hr workshop, Vernon will bring you into a deep state of relaxation and help enhance your body’s natural ability to maintain optimal brain function by improving blood flow to the brain and normalizing its chemical and electrical activity. He will also assist you to clear away stagnant energies that cloud the mind and memory. Under Vernon’s guidance you will be able to easily access your subconscious, release attachments to stressors and revitalize your body, mind and ultimately your memory. 



9 April



The nature of Nature is abundant: one seed will not grow to produce only one seed in return, No, it will grow to produce more than enough seeds! That is the nature of our abundant universe: and it is your true nature, too! Welcome abundance and prosperity into all aspects of your life. Enjoy days filled with synchronicity, serendipity, and good fortune.

This is an exceptionally special workshop: it is a celebration of life itself as you invoke a tangible connection to an abundant universe and your deserving place in it.

There is a tremendous amount of appreciation within abundance. In fact, a sense of pure gratitude is at the heart of the human experience of abundance. Happiness, gratitude, compassion, praise, love, and feeling abundant are essential. The more we tap into and overflow with appreciation, the more the universe responds with more to appreciate. There is no mistake that the word “appreciate” is used to describe the growth of financial investments over time. Appreciation is  the currency of abundance in the natural order of the universe – so let the abundance flow!


Join us for the whole series of 6 workshops at a reduced rate, or follow the links below to choose which only those concepts you would like to sign up for. All sessions are recorded and you will receive the replay the following day.


COST for series of 6 x 2hr workshops (Save 25%)

£100  |  €116  |  $138  |  TKL 1066  | South Africa R2137


COST per 2hr workshop

£22   |   €25   |   $30   |   TKL 233   |   ZAR 475


Although you will be paying using your local currency, our payment gateway automatically converts all currencies to South African Rands. Pricing may fluctuate in accordance with the exchange rate, so please always check your currency against the ZAR price to get an accurate price. The other currencies are an indication only to help you. We accept payments from Visa, MasterCard and PayPal.



6:30pm – 8:30pm: UK Time

7.30pm – 9.30pm:  South Africa Time

8.30pm – 10.30pm:  Turkey Time

Check the time in your city HERE



It is essential to use headphones.

Sign into the workshop with your Name and Surname.

Make sure your VIDEO is switched ON so that Vernon can see you and know who you are.

To see Vernon, select SPEAKER VIEW for the duration of the workshop.

Ensure that you are comfortable and won’t be disturbed during the workshop.

Please make sure any cats or dogs are out of the room.

Have water and a notebook with you.

Please let us know by email if you do NOT wish to be chosen to work with Vernon.

This is a personal registration, please do not invite anyone to join you. Of course, if they are interested in joining, they are also welcome to register.


We use a platform called Zoom to host these online events. Please download the free Zoom video conferencing app, which works on any device, here is the download link… https://zoom.us/support/download

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Each workshop is recorded and past replays are sent to participants so you can join at any time and receive replays of those workshops you have missed. Replays are active for 4 weeks after the live event.



Tickets are not available as this event has passed.


March 30, 2021 @ 7:29 pm
April 9, 2021 @ 9:30 pm
R475 – R2137


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