Welcome to a wide variety of concepts that you can choose from depending what aspect of your self mastery and development you are working on at present.  We are always adding new 2hr workshop and meditation concepts to this page, as Vernon himself, grows and develops and is able to share more of his gifts and insights with you. Vernon really values your feedback and experiences so please let us know how you go.

It is only by changing ourselves that we can change our worlds and I appreciate you joining my online workshops and guided meditations. I am humbled to have been witness to many peoples incredible journeys of self mastery.” – Vernon Frost

2 Hour Workshop Concepts

Each workshop Download consists of the Video replay from the actual workshop, as well as separate Audio files of the relaxation and all the meditations from the workshop. It is recommended that you use headphones and it is important that you make sure you are not disturbed when you are in the altered states the workshops and meditations will take you into.


Vernon is world renowned for his guided meditations. Ensure you are comfortable and won’t be disturbed during the meditation. It is essential that you use headphones and make sure that all cats and dogs are out of the room and won’t be trying to get your attention. The average length of these meditations is approximately 40 minutes.                                        .

Free Meditations

If you are new to Vernon’s work and would like to get a feel of him and how he works, you are most welcome to download one of these free meditations. There are also some more to be found on the Noticeboard page of this website.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  .